SNAG is a Low-Residency Field Studies program. For the 2022 non-academic year SNAG assembled applicants who wished to explore in higher resolution what it means to be an artist in the rainshadow of these rich biotic erratics. SNAG is open to all. Tuition is non-monetary and collected throughout the non-academic school year in the form of inquisitive participation and engagment.

SNAG is funded in part by MOCA Tucson’s Night Bloom Grant / The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts’ Regional Regranting Program.

SNAG will collaboratively be produced by its participants, but is loosely facilitated by Erik Schmahl ( and Susanna Battin (

2022 - Sky Islands


Susanna Battin*
Tasha Bjelić
Rebeca Bollinger
David Dearmore
Noémie Despland-Lichtert
Kimi Eisele
David Fenster
Conor Fitzgerald
Mariana Gonzolez
Ryan Hill
Eden Kinkaid
Loren Klyne
Scott Larson
Maria Renee Johnson
Liz Scherffius
Gabb Schivone
Erik Schmahl*
Brendan Shea
Caroline Tracey
Mattea Wallace
Rachel Zollinger

Zachary Michels**
Janice Gallagher**
Jack Dash**

field guides**

Field Trips

Field Trip #1: Zircons & Elevation Markers

Date: March 6th, 2022
Location: Santa Catalina Mountains, Catalina Highway from the Tucson basin to the peak of Mt. Lemmon

  • Experiencing Elevation “Are We High Yet?”, psychogeographic exercise led by Erik Schmahl
  • Geologic primer w/ guest Zachary Michels SEM Lab Manager/Arizona LaserChron Center
  • Geologic poetry/art selections compiled by Loren Klyne and Maria Renée Johnson

    Field Trip #2: Deep Tree Time

    Date: April 17th, 2022
    Location: Laboratory of Tree Ring Research, Bryant Bannister Tree-Ring Building, University of Arizona

    • Dendrochronology Primer - climate history and abiotic systems read through biotic system of trees w/ guest Paul Sheppard
    • Laboratory of Tree Ring Research Facility Tour w/ guest Janice Gallagher

    Field Trip #3: Sky Tide Pools

    Date: May 1st, 2022
    Location: Madera Canyon, Santa Rita Mountains

    • Plant Walk & Talk led by ecologist Jack Dash
    • “Becoming Animal” movement exercises led by Kimi Eisele
    • Flora poetry selections compiled by Loren Klyne

    Field Trip #4: Finding Histories

    Date: May 29th, 2022
    Location: Santa Catalina Mountains, Gordon Hirabayashi Campground to Sycamore Reservoir [hike, 4 mi]

    • Arizona’s Geographies of Incarceration, guided itinerary by Scott Larson
    • Documentation/Storytelling methods & activities by SNAG

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    Screening List

    The Hidden Life of Trees (2020), directed by Jörg Adolph
    Viewed 04/19/2020 at The Loft Cinema w/ introduction by Dr. Kelly Heilman, University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree Ring Research

    Gordon Hirabayashi (2020), directed by David Fenster, Arizona Public Media

    Double Time (2022), directed by Ashley Hunt (2-channel video)